Game strategy might be the source of stress for a sportsman, but sports clubs and managers tackle different kinds of stress altogether. Taking the biggest slice of their concern is a football kit. Finding one that is brilliant in design and breathes brand identity may come across as a difficult task but in true sense it is quite the opposite; more so in the modern days.

Technology has benefitted plenty, you can benefit from it too. Take for consideration the online football kit designer – a simple and smooth way to design your own football kit. Let us take you through it step by step.

To work on a football kit designer, you might want to find one first. So, your first step would be to look for an organisation that offers a kit designer online. One of those organisations is Zapkam, a leading manufacturer of sportswear and equipment in the UK with fifteen years of experience manufacturing custom made football kits. Its free online 3D kit designer lets you create your own football kit swiftly and smoothly.

Here we show you how.

To Reach Somewhere You Have to Start from Somewhere

Standing true in every sense, that statement is your way forward. To design a football kit, you would want to select a product first. Zapkam has a number of products on display for you, including plain football shirts, fully sublimated football shirts, football socks, tight fit training bottoms, mesh lined rain jackets, mesh lined tracksuit jackets and pullover hoodies among others.

To Reach Somewhere You Have to Start from Somewhere

Say, you picked a fully sublimated football shirt to begin with, your next step would be to choose a design.

Take Your Pick

At Zapkam, brace yourself to be swarmed with choices. There are numerous designs for you to choose from, including stripes, checks, zig-zags and more.

Take Your Pick

Upon shortlisting a design, you will reach the Football Kit Designer.

Design Yours In 3D

This is where the fun begins. You will find yourself walking through a number of steps which include choosing between few or all of these: sleeve length, body colour, stripe colour, number panel colour, sleeve colour, neck colour, and more.

Design Yours In 3D

Fancy thing is, you can add your club’s logo or team’s logo on your shirts as well as your sponsor’s logo. Plus, you also get the option to add your team members’ name, initials and number.

With that, you arrive at the final step. Feel free to get a quotation for the number of shirts you wish to order in whichever sizes you want. Thereafter, the order is yours to place. Add the items to the basket. For other products in your kit list, repeat the steps mentioned above and you will be good.

There, precisely that is all it takes to get yourself a personalised football kit.

A noteworthy tip before we sign off. Since, almost any design and colour scheme is possible, especially with Zapkam’s football kit designer, you may want to grab a quick look at this colour guide.



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